Spain Tech Week
Adigital (Spain Digital Economy Association), ICEX (Spain Trade and Investment), in collaboration with California Spain Chamber of Commerce, the Trade Commission of Spain in Los Angeles and Spain Tech Center organize a delegation of digital companies visiting San Francisco in May, 2016 composed by:
BlueSky Media
BlueSky Media
Contact: David Blasco
(CEO and co-founder)
We are an EdTech company that teaches languages on-line, publishes connected books and produces didactic videos for on-line, IPTV and OTT services. We develop our own e-learning platforms, LMS and mobile and produce our content according to the highest quality standards of the EU. Our courses are accredited by Cambridge University Press. We work with Atresmedia TV and PRISA amongst other Media, Telecom partners. We count on more than 165.000 students and operate in EU y LATAM.
Bluecell Comunications
Bluecell Comunications
Contact: Ángel Sopeña Blanco (CEO)
Digital Transformation Consultancy. We help companies in the digital organization of its internal processes and creating new products or strategically adapt them to new digital consumers. In addition we love design and content. We have offices in Madrid, Bogotá and Mexico City and soon opening London and Lisbon.
Caeteris Paribus Solutions
Caeteris Paribus Solutions
Contact: Daniel Pina (CEO)
Caeteris paribus focuses on the B2B cloud application development in the caterer industry. Mainly on the control and optimization of restaurants resources stock.
Elívere Innovation
Elivere Innovation
Contact: Isard Ferré (CEO)
Elívere Innovation is an engineering company which draws on previous experience of research and development on seek for efficient alternatives for renewable energy production and continuous fuel efficiency improvement in personal and industrial vehicles.
Contact: Santiago Belarmino Álvarez Canga (CEO)
Fruitbull is the first company worldwide to develop a standard to define products (fruit, variety, caliber, format, brand, origin, price...) and create an information SAAS specialized (B2B) in providing real time information of supermarkets' products in every country.
Contact: Luis Sorriguieta Ruiz (CEO)
i2Factory is a platform to integrate Social Media, SaaS and on-premise applications to accelerate the digital transformation.
Contact: Adriana Gonçalves Botelho (CEO)
Programming courses for top notch developers.
Kriter Software
Kriter Software
Contacts: Joan Mora Bosch (CEO)
Marc Mora Aparicio (Product manager)
Kriter Software, developer of business management solutions.
Mr Jeff
Mr Jeff
Contact: Eloi Gómez Cal (CEO)
Every month, Spanish people lose an average of 15 hours doing their laundry and going to dry cleaning instead of enjoying their free time.
online gestoría
online gestoria
Contact: Martin Schoonhoven
(Business development)
Online advisory
Contact: Fernando Summers Gil (CEO)
Insurance, products and services aggregator.
Contact: Santiago Mojón González (CKO)
Redegal is an agency specializing in digital marketing, web development and ecommerce. With 11 years of IT experience, the company has past to develop web projects to direct its activity towards online sales, providing a list of services that fully covers all the needs of a brand that wants to grow its online business.
Contact: Íñigo Zayas Pinedo
(Business development manager)
Serikat is an IT services company especialized on the automatic processing fo non-structured documents, applying semantic technics.
Sporty Heroes
Sporty Heroes
Contact: Paula Monroy (CEO)
Sporty Heroes is the first video-marketplace for brands and media to find athletes generated content.
Contacts: Álvaro Ramirez-Cárdenas (CEO)
Inés Morillo Andújar
(Co-founder & Marketing Director)
Vipnet360 is a consulting agency focused on digital marketing and customer experience that helps its customers to define and implement business strategies based on the use of data, technology and creativity. With over more than 8 years of creating engaging contents and successful strategies of video, mobile marketing development, social media, online reputation, eRetail, ecommerce, virtual reality. Omnichannel, big data, user experience and innovation applied to digital marketing.

We launched many activities in different environments, with objectives and different customers. We know what works and what does not, and so we have helped many clients get the best return on their investment. Vipnet360 has high experience in Social Media Marketing activities and, generally, in all fields of Marketing and Communications and Internet
Adigital (Spain Digital Economy Association)
Contact: Ana Herrera González
(Corporate Development Director)

Adigital, Spain's largest Digital Economy Association, has over 500 member companies including specialized companies in every activity of the online value chain: marketing and communication, epayments, elogistics, technology providers or mobile commerce, among others... Adigital works on every ecommerce and digital business area.

Adigital works on every ecommerce and digital business area:

  • Creating a competitive legal framework.
  • Generating whitepapers, reports and case studies to allow a better decision making process.
  • Training digital professionals.
  • Supporting digital entrepreneurship and the internationalization of Spanish companies.

Adigital organizes multiple events all year round to promote knowledge exchange and networking amongst its member community. Adigital organizes one of the top digital business events in Spain, European Ecommerce Conference (EEC), every autumn.

ICEX - Trade Commission of Spain in Los Angeles
Trade Commission of Spain in Los Angeles
Contact: Marta Dalmau
(ICT and Digital Content Department)
Greg Simons (Market Analyst)
Los Angeles Trade Commission
ICEX Spain Trade and Investment is a public agency attached to the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness whose mission is to promote the internationalization of Spanish companies, to support their competitiveness and to add value to the economy as a whole, as well as to attract foreign investment to Spain. ICEX renders its services through a network of almost 100 Economic and Commercial Offices around the world.
Contact: Elena Cidón
(Digital Economy Department Coordinator) is the public corporate entity attached to the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (MINETUR) which is responsible for promoting the development of the Information Society in Spain. One of our priority objectives is to develop the digital economy to generate jobs and to promote entrepreneurship in this sector, and to increase the productivity, competitiveness and internationalisation of Spanish companies. also promotes the achievement of savings and efficiency in public spending.
California - Spain Chamber of Commerce
California - Spain Chamber of Commerce
Contacts: Rocío Esteve (President)
Mercè Font (Board member)
The California - Spain Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthen business, trade, investment and innovation between California and Spain.
Spain Tech Center
Spain Tech Center
Contacts: Christian Prada
David Santana
The Spain Tech Center is an initiative to facilitate the landing and commercial implementation of Spanish technology companies in the North American market. STC is sponsorized by ICEX (Spain Trade and Investment), and Santander Bank.
In collaboration with:
California Spain
Spain Tech Center